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5 Sep 2017 · 再来人





以下题为例: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Life today is easier and more comfortable than it was when your grandparents were children. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinions.





As society progresses remarkably, tremendous changes have taken place in people’s life. Nevertheless, some senior citizens cherish the memory of good old days with healthy environment and harmonious interpersonal relationships. As far as I’m concerned, despite serious environmental pollution and prevalence of materialism, 【背景介绍,作者给出了两个时代的对比】 I still believe today’s life to be easier and more comfortable than it was when our grandparents were children. 【提出论点】 I am going to elaborate my viewpoint from three aspects as follows. 【过渡句,承上启下】 To begin with, modern communication technology has changed our lives a lot and provides us with much convenience. 【理由 1】To be more specific, with the wide application of smartphones and the Internet, it is possible for people to contact each other even if they live separately. 【论证为什么理由 1 可以推出观点】 For example, Lily, one of my best friends, is lucky to be admitted into a famous university in America, which means we cannot always hang out together. But thanks to the modern communication technology, we still keep frequent touch with each other on Skype anytime, anywhere. Therefore we feel never apart.

【例子 1】  
Besides, a variety of means of transportation make it quick and cozy for people to travel. 【理由 2】 Subways, taxis, private cars, high-speed ailways shorten the distance between places. 【论证为什么理由 2 可以推出观点】A good example in point is that my grandparents used to live in suburbs, and anytime they want to do some shopping in urban center, it usually took them 2 hours, owing to bumpy roads and low-efficient old-fashioned vehicles. On the contrary, with great improvement of road condition and advanced traffic modes, they only have to spend 20 minutes a most traveling from home to the city. If it is very hot in summer, all modern vehicles are air-conditioned, which can make the trip very comfortable.

【例子 2】  
Last but not least, today’s ample food supply and various food choices are something beyond imagination in the past. 【理由 3】Decades ago, in China, all foods used to be arranged by the government. In other words, it was impossible for people to purchase what they liked to eat. 【论证为什么理由 3 可以推出观点】For example, an average family was only allocated 1 pound of pork and 2 pounds of rice. In contrast, nowadays, we never have to worry about the lack of food because supermarkets and snack bars abound.

【例子 3】  
To sum up, because of the progress of economy and technology, I am convinced that life at present is more comfortable and easier, which can be well demonstrated through examples of convenient communication, quick and cozy traffic modes and sufficient food supply and choices.【总结理由,重申观点】 If our government takes efficient measures to solve the environmental problem, our world will become a better place to live.【提出建议,展望未来】